Mystery benefactor saves PCP’s bacon

THE Perth Centre for Photography has moved into the prestigious Lawton House in West Perth.

The centre had been located in Aberdeen Street for three years, but was forced to look for a new home when its landlord, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority, said it was selling up.

Centre director Christine Tomas says a mysterious benefactor came to PCP’s rescue and offered a heavily subsidised rent at the privately-owned Lawton House. “I can’t really say who it is because they want to remain anonymous, but we’re very grateful and they will be unveiled in due course,” she laughs. “We will have much more room at Lawton House and will use the upstairs area for our artists in residence, workshops, educational activities and as a studio space. Downstairs will be the exhibition area and we are looking at converting the former watch house into a cafe,” she says.

• Christine Tomas at Lawton House. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

• Christine Tomas at Lawton House. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

Lawton House, formerly Lexbourne House, was built for builder and entrepreneur Robert Law in 1911.

In 1954 it was sold to the state government and became the school of nursing, and then the Lawton Hostel in 1975, when was it home to people with intellectual disabilities.

The Colin Street property was sold into private ownership in 1990.

Ms Tomas is delighted the new West Perth location is still central and has a CAT bus stop outside.

“There’s lots more parking as well, which was always a problem when we were located in Northbridge,” she says.

Perth Centre for Photography will open at Lawton House on August 13.


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3 responses to “Mystery benefactor saves PCP’s bacon

  1. Voice, you have completely missed the point. This vendetta against the MRA is getting old.

    MRA were great supporters of PCP for 3 years, PCP are very grateful for this. How cheap of you to slant our words to make it look like they were unfair to us. The headline you use are quite ridiculous, a reference to PCP’s bacon? You are obviously referring to PCP’s butt, how unintelligent. Don’t you know PCP doesn’t have a butt? It’s a professional arts organisation run by a Board, some staff and some dedicated volunteers who have worked hard to make the Centre what it has flourished into.

    The REAL news here is that over the past few years there has been much support from key groups such as the Department of Culture and the Arts, Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority and now our benefactors who wish to remain unnamed for the time being.

    With the new premises comes security in a long tenure. This is something that has always been a challenge until now.

    The Centre will now be able to focus on adding vigour towards it’s exhibition and education program whilst drawing from it’s recent notable successes. It will also be able to concentrate further on developing its national and international networks as well as creating new opportunities for local and national artists on a global platform.

    Please try harder Voice.

    Anyone interested in being involved, learning about photography or submitting an exhibition proposal should email

    Perth Centre for Photography

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