Kenyon the cutter

TERRY KENYON wants to halve councillors’ travel and function allowances.

If successful the Bayswater city councillor’s move will see the mayor’s two-year allowance cut to $15,000 and each councillor’s to $7500.

Cr Kenyon is the former mayor and did not propose cuts when he was wearing the chain, but he says things have changed.

“Now that councillors are paid sitting fees of $30,000-plus, and the mayor receives $140,000-plus, there is no need for such a large a travel and function allowance,” he says.
Over 2013-15 the top three spenders for attending conferences and functions were councillors Mike Anderton ($12,229), Sylvan Albert ($10,694) and Alan Radford ($9463). The allowance includes interstate trips. Cr Kenyon’s motion will come before council next month.


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