Looking for Maylands’ lost 18

NO official records can be found in national archives of 18 soldiers whose names are on the Maylands cenotaph.

Historian Bob Corby has been helping the Maylands Historical Society identify the 110 names on the cenotaph, a symbolic “empty tomb” monument, and has so far tracked down 68 from official records.

But he’s been unable to find any documentation in the Australian War Memorial or National Archives that sheds light on 18.

“That is not to say records do not exist, but more that there are so many possible combinations in searches,” he says.

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Mr Corby notes work can be tricky because of oddities in the records and the changing borders of suburbs. For example, he’s uncertain about a “J Hardey” whom he believes could be Joseph Hardey, a pearler who’d lived in Mt Lawley, “an area which may earlier have been described as Maylands”.

There are also many duplicate names on the list so Mr Corby’s trying to pin them down to make sure the records match the Maylands soldier on the memorial.

He’s hoping the public might have information on the following soldiers: Ainsworth F, Arthur I, Banford FL, Bruce A, Clayton W, Davies FH, Griffin AW, Harding G, Harrindale R, Hill A,

Jeffery J, Leadon W, Manson W, Ross C, Scryver H, Secombe FW, Theraway W, Webb W.

If any names ring a bell give the Voice a call on 9430 7727 and we’ll put you onto Mr Corby.


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