All aboard!

ARTIST Mel McVee credits hearty Italian sausages with getting her through wet 10-hour days while painting her stunning mural on the wall of Mondo Butchers.

The artist had been up against some foul weather but managed to complete the giant Inglewood mural on schedule in five days.

McVee says the colourful mural is an homage to the trams that used to trundle along Beaufort Street between 1899 and 1959: “The mural is fun and energetic, a bit like myself,” she laughs.

“I draw the outline first and then hand paint it, so it’s quite time-consuming.

“The cold winter weather was a bit of a challenge, but I was kept going by a week-long diet of juicy roast beef.”

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• Mel McVee gets ready to board her tram in Inglewood. Photo by Matthew Dwyer

The mural was commissioned by community group Inglewood on Beaufort, which was awarded a $5000 grant by Stirling city council to “activate” the suburb.

“The mural is based on a photo of a tram outside our building in 1950,” says Mondo owner and IOB member Vince Garreffa.

“Mel has done a marvellous job of bringing the dull black and white photo to life and there is a little inscription at the side of the mural with info about the tram.

“The Inglewood line was the last of the tram lines to close.”

The Stirling grant will also pay for another mural, a crate mini-garden, and two planters at the corner of Dundas and Beaufort Streets, with wrap-around benches.

Since forming last year, IOB has gone from strength-to-strength and launched a successful night market on Beaufort Street and is planning a community garden.

The second season of the Inglewood night markets starts August 3 and has been expanded to cover the Dundas Road to Sixth Avenue stretch of Beaufort Street.


Beaufort St Art Market 10x3 A Fish Called Inglewood 10x3

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