Vincent clips

• THE Leederville Farmers Markets won its new spot at the Frame Court carpark in the prime heart of Leederville, but the organisers didn’t have any luck getting Vincent council to lower the $20,000 annual rental fee. Market operator Paul Ashbolt was hoping for a bit of reprieve in moving from a private carpark to a council-owned spot, but since Vincent will be losing out on the fees it’d get from people who otherwise park there it figured $20,000 was fair.  The market operators say the new site’s like a Rolls Royce compared to the VW Beetle they used to be in, and they’ll be reopening early September.

• VINCENT councillors seemed lukewarm about a plan for a pop-up rollerskate rink in Leederville’s Frame Court carpark. Mayor John Carey says “it’s a terrific and fun concept” but the operators of the Urban Roller Club (The Event Agency) need to do the hard yards in getting local businesses onside and convincing traders it’s worth giving up the precious car bays (plus, having a small bar would mean roping off a public area right next to a playground). The Event Agency can still put in an application, but Mr Carey hinted he’d rather see this pop up somewhere like Mount Lawley or North Perth town centres which could use the extra activation, compared to the already buzzing Leederville.

• THE Vincent bike network plan is rolling ahead with phase two surfacing to link the hard-to-traverse east-west route through the city. The first round gave us lanes down Oxford Street and Scarborough Beach Road, and this one will run through Bulwer Street. Mayor John Carey, who first proposed the plan after seeing the miserly amount the council was spending on bikes, says this route is even more vital with the state government having cancelled the major east-west bus route it’s a pain to travel between town centres (most of the bus routes now just take you north/south into the city). They’ll go out to consultation shortly with owners along Bulwer Street between Palmerston and Lord Streets and people a ways either side.

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