Sponsorship has tickets on itself

PERTH city councillors face making some tough calls at their next meeting over how to spend your money.

No doubt the thousands of dollars in free tickets they stand to receive will play no part in the decision-making process.

At the next meeting the council will consider whether to spend:

• $55,000 for WA Ballet sponsorship, which nets elected members and senior council executives invitations to opening night for each of the three seasons (maximum of 54 tickets for councillors, 30 for city representatives, and the CEO can give out 30). Sponsorship gives council staff a 15 per cent discount for A and B reserve tickets.

• $20,000 for the 40under40 awards run by a local business paper, which nets the council 10 tickets, each worth $320, to the gala function.

• $40,000 sponsorship for the WA music industry association festival, with up to 14 double passes for councillors and staff.

Council executives—who are routinely offered the freebies too—do not regard it to be a conflict of interest for elected members to make decisions on sponsorships from which they materially benefit by getting access to tickets that would normally cost them hundreds of dollars.

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