Plaudits for Polain’s Still

NORTH PERTH’S Marcella Polain has won an international poetry prize for her triptych on love and loss.

Dr Polain was one of 48 international poets invited to the 19th Festival Curtea de Arges Festival in Romania.

“The poems Still and Turn are about the complexities of love, and the poem Silence is about grief,” she says.

“Getting to know those poets and their work over the five days was wonderful.

“I’m honoured and surprised to be the award’s recipient this year because there were so many very good poets at the festival.”

Dr Polain’s submitted poems were translated into Romanian and published in both languages.

When Dr Polain is not busy crafting exquisite Sylvia Plath-style poems, she lectures at ECU’s school of communications and arts in Mt Lawley.

The scar, plump as an almond on your wrist;

the bowls of your nails;

your blue bicycle against the pink wall of our room.

Will they know it is hard to be angry with a man who makes me laugh and that you know this?

I dream you old;

I dream you suck clear soup from my spoon,

spill blood onto our pillow.

I dream you stand in the centre of our house and sing to me, and

all the magpies in the garden fall still.


893 Leslie Hinton 15x3

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