Poetry blooms this Perth winter

A FOREST of poets will sprout across the Northbridge Piazza, as part of this year’s Poetry Festival, which kicks off August 13.

A live installation on August 16 invites people to wander through a word performance, festival co-organiser Peter Jeffery says: “Poets stand like trees—you go up and they will recite one poem endlessly.”

The academic has worked with the WA Art Gallery for the combined performance/tour Ekphrasis: the gallery nominated six art works and six local poets put them to words.

The name means a commentary on a visual work of art, and the free two-hour session is “pictures for words, and words for pictures” Jeffery says.

Penning words to Guy Grey-Smith’s Horseshoe Range, Elio Novello lyrically describes the change of seasons from the crushing heat of WA’s north-west to the relief of the wet.

There is cause for celebration

Rain has fallen

There is a wash of blue across the land

The terra rossa deepens

Life becomes bearable

Also part of the festival, the first heat of the Australian Poetry Slam is on as the search kicks off for the next national champion.

Featuring Laura Stocker, Peter Jeffery and Rose van Son,  A Sense of Place is a nod to famed Australian academic and environmentalist George Seddon’s book of the same name, with poets writing about places they treasure.

OUTspoken is a chance to join Perth’s Queer Performance Poetry group as it celebrates queer love—and poetry, paying homage to the past at the same time serving up a contemporary take on the future of queer poetry.

Special guest is Malaysia’s Angelina Bong, a full-time writer, poet and storyteller. Performances and workshops at venues across Perth are all part of the poetry extravaganza, which runs August 13 to 16. For the full program to to WA Poets Inc webpage.


893 A Fish Called Inglewood 9x2.3

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