Covering our darkness

EDGY theatre is bread and butter for The Blue Room in Northbridge and All That Glitters tackles the issue of asylum seekers and detention centres.

“Our fellow humans, those we recognise as people — and those we don’t, live in continual fear and face the danger of violent death, and we are powerless to help them,” director and co-writer Gita Bezard says.

Glitter is a metaphor in the protest/pop-music extravaganza, that asks “is doing nothing really an option?”.

After all isn’t it easier to just put on your headphones and drown yourself in Taylor Swift and dance? the play asks.

“Making All That Glitters is about refusing to be silenced. Refusing to do nothing in the face of injustice,” Maylands local Bezard says.


• Photo supplied | Jamie Breen

The play was devised by The Last Great Hunt, a collective of seven young local artists joining forces to write, produce and act in plays under a single banner.

The play’s title is a misquote of Shakespeare’s “all that glisters”, a 17th century word for glitters, says co-writer Chris Isaacs.

“Our country might be shining and glittering, but there are problems with it … questionable things are being done in our name,” he says.
Australia’s treatment of refugees is an issue that will come back to bite us all in the bum down the track, the Maylands local predicts.

“[In] 50 years time a politician is going to apologise for this … in the same way of the stolen generation.”

All That Glitters puts a patina of fun on a dark issue in the hope of sparking change.

“[We] wanted people to leave thinking they could do something, a letter to a politician or signing a petition–or just calling someone out if they call refugees terrorists. We have to do it in little steps,” Isaacs says

Directed by Bezard, All That Glitters is performed by The Last Hunt collective of Adriane Daff, Jeffrey Jay Fowler, Arielle Gray and Isaacs. It kicks off season two at the Blue Room and is on until August 29. Tix $15 at


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