Flour power

YELLOW neon lights, cosy wooden walls, a two-storey dining area and an open cooking bar all under the same roof—the latter open for outdoor dining on weekends. The Flour Factory isn’t only a trendy, fancy-looking restaurant, but also the home of good, fine cooking.

Our waitress, Verity, welcomes us with a glass of homemade vermut, refreshing and light on a Wednesday night.

The venue is more bar-oriented, reserving only the side tables on the lower deck for dining. The menu is a few pages long but worth having a good read through. It is all based on shared portions for two and a wide range of imported and local beverages.

894FOOD 3

We order our first drinks: a glass of Esporao Pe Tinto, recently included again in the bodega, and an Alhambra 1925 beer that reminds me of home, Spain.

It takes us a fair bit of time to pick our entrée from the menu, and there are no regrets. On a homesickness attack I insist on jamon iberico de bellota puro ($26), accompanied by some steam-cooked vegies and recently baked, still warm bread. Sliced thin and with the right amount of fat to give it a soft taste it only lacks some spread tomato on the bread and a drizzle of olive oil to be like home. I can’t help an “Olé!” escaping my lips.

894FOOD 2

To follow our Mediterranean approach, we order some Perla Nera al Tartufo ($14), an Italian cheese sided with egg yolk and shallot and some crunchy thin crackers, that become my partner’s favourite item of our pick.

We order our next drinks with the main meal. I decide to try the house Tiki cocktail, made with Gin Xoriguer, typical from the Balearic Islands. I expect a tropical taste to the typical Mediterranean drink; besides the long wait it doesn’t let me down.

894FOOD 1

The mains are the strongest part of the menu. The crispy potatoes ($12) are simply delicious. Crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside, served in a clay plate. They go perfectly with the Venison Haumch meat ($32), that comes with a bitter chocolate jus and six different sauce dips, including chimichurri and beetroot. It’s perfectly cooked, pink inside, brown outside, not too chewy. Tender.

Full after our two entrées and mains we lean back to enjoy our drinks. The service is excellent for anyone who wants to feel spoilt for the night, checking constantly if your glass is full and if the meals are right. They know their menu well and are experienced in recommending items.


The Flour Factory
16 Queen Street, Perth
Monday-Friday 12pm-late,
Saturday 4pm-late

894 No 4 Blake Street 10x3894 Estia 9x2.3

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