LETTERS 15.8.15

Binning hope
THE hundreds of employees with disabilities working for charity organisations will be distressed to hear of the removal of donation bins, which threatens the viability of their jobs.
In June, the City of Joondalup voted to remove 76 bins because of graffiti, theft and dumping of rubbish. Now the City of South Perth is also considering removal. This will not stop these rat bags from criminal activity elsewhere.
A greater effort by community, government, council rangers and police is needed to catch and prosecute these offenders. Removing the bins only punishes these wonderful organisations, where my disabled daughter is also employed.
William Booth
Queen St, Bentley

Tin ear
GREAT to read the article “Bull for Baysey” (Voice, August 8, 2015) and to hear that Dan Bull’s three articulated passions are: nature-based playgrounds; tree canopy and sustainability; and community consultation.These passions are consistent with the city’s motto “Garden City — Quality Lifestyle” and the objectives of the Bayswater Urban Tree Network. It is a pity Mayor Albert has a tin ear to these issues.
Greg Smith
Rose Ave, Bayswater

Ignore it
HOW pathetic that electronic media should be gorging on racial slurs. The stars of our sporting life should be big enough to put a stop to it themselves. They need to turn a deaf ear; and even feel sorry for the small and sad minority who give utterance to the slurs. TV and radio provide oxygen.
Bill Proude
First Ave, Mt Lawley

894 Oxford 40x7

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