Poor score for lights

THOUSANDS of dollars may have been wasted by Bayswater council because of a failed attempt to find a better place for sports field lighting in Maylands, mayor Barry McKenna concedes.

Cr McKenna acknowledged at last week’s meeting the council should have replaced floodlights at De Lacy Reserve instead of spending time and money investigating options to move them to Gibbney Reserve.

“I don’t understand why we didn’t put them back up at De Lacy,” he told councillors, lightly throwing a pen on his desk.

Despite this, he voted alongside most of the council to continue with plans for lighting at Gibbney.

This leaves tentative plans to replace lights at De Lacy Reserve on hold until the council gets “geo-technical survey” and lighting quote from Western Power for Gibbney reserve at consultants’ fee of $15,000.

It is also despite the council this month receiving a 65-signature petition from a Bayswater resident against the lights going in at Gibbney.

Concerns include noise at night, street parking and impacts on the reserve’s amenity.

More than 140 previously objected to lighting at De Lacy for the same reasons. New lighting is expected to cost $133,000 and last 20 years.

The council spent $20,000 on a review of sports field lighting on all active reserves, including these two in Maylands, in 2013/14.


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