Lower food van fees for Baysy?

LOWER permit prices and better street access for food vans have been suggested at Bayswater council following complaints from vendors.

Deputy mayor Stephanie Coates hopes lower permits — they’re currently $1500 a year — will form part of a permanent mobile food vehicle policy.

She also wants to give vendors more space on streets, rather than restricting them to parks and residential areas as per the 12-month trial, which ended September.

Councillor John Rifici told councillors that traders needed to be consulted to ensure their trade wasn’t impacted, but Cr Sally Palmer says that’s a “waste of time” and “over the top”.

“Of course they’re going to say no they don’t want it,” she says.

She and Crs Coates, Catherine Ehrhardt, Dan Bull and Chris Cornish voted to ditch consultation but lost.

Thirteen businesses took part in the council’s food truck trial, including Annie’s Wood Fired Pizza in Bardon Park, Cool Breeze Cafe in Riverside Gardens and the “StEats” cluster of seven traders at Bert Wright Park.

A council report states complaints from traders include pricy permits, signage restrictions and access to power.

Pizza-maker Ian Gibson says his generator costs $50 a week, an “unviable” amount and would like access to metered power.

He’s asked the council for the same deal as Cool Breeze Cafe: a marked parking spot just for him, permanent signage and power connection.

A council document says residents have issues with noisy generators, and officers suggest limiting how many could be used within the city.

During the trial period, permits to operate in one location were $500, $800 and $1500 for three, six and 12 months respectively.

A similar 12-month permit in Fremantle costs $290 for any location.

Vincent and Perth’s equivalent is $1100 for any location, while Stirling’s is $1800.

The policy aims to “activate under-utilised spaces”.


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One response to “Lower food van fees for Baysy?

  1. Point for clarity: The vote was for the Consultation to be removed from the motion and discussed in the Councillor Workshop scheduled for the Food Truck Policy before the Policy is finalised. Not to “ditch consultation”.

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