Ready to rumble?

THE big Food Truck Rumble will go ahead again next year but Perth city councillors are worried the event’s competing with hard-up ratepaying businesses.

Despite the misgivings, most voted to hand over $10,000 in sponsorship so it can run at the Perth cultural centre

Cr James Limnios pointed out restaurateurs were worried the event would draw away their customers.

New councillor Jemma Green agreed, also voting against the item: “I wouldn’t support it being there because it is going to have a negative impact on traders.”

Lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi supported the sponsorship but agreed bricks and mortar foodies have “lots of costs, rents, fit outs, rates” that food trucks don’t.

She said the foodie events had been introduced to Perth when it was quieter and keen to draw in a crowd: “We did it to bring people into the city at a time when we didn’t have as many venues.”

Cr Reece Harley maintains the event brings people into the city and they still go on to spend at nearby eateries and businesses.

The Rumble is planned for April 3, 2016, 11am to 8pm.


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One response to “Ready to rumble?

  1. Perth city is very lucky to have such a successful draw card. The restaurant managers are well aware that people come for the event but return for good venues – that’s how they got there in the first place. “The foodie events were introduced to Perth when it was quieter” – and events like these are why it’s improved. Savvy restauranteurs should be getting involved & keeping the momentum in their area!

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