Baysy council ends meals on wheels

BAYSWATER council has dumped its “meals on wheels” mobile catering service for the elderly because of a 75 per cent drop in clients since 2001.

From July 1 Stirling will extend its service to feed Bayswater’s frail and elderly.

Bayswayer’s MOW, established in 1983, had 242 clients in 2001 and now there are about 60.

Last year, there were 64, and five years ago 141.

Council spokesman Julia Kogan says the service is no longer economically feasible.

“The number of clients using this service began to declining from 2010 onwards,” Ms Kogan says in an email statement.

“This was because of the increasing availability of alternative options, such as affordable frozen meals, commercial contractors and other food service options offered by providers of Home and Community Care services.”

Under Stirling’s much larger management, clients will continue to receive “high-quality meals” as well as a more-affordable service, Bayswater mayor Barry McKenna says.

But he and council staffers are unable to say what the exact cost implications are.

Bayswater’s MOW costs users $8.50 for two courses. Costs are expected to be reviewed by Stirling at budget time.


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