Kings Park bans exercise

EXERCISE is now banned on the Bellevue Terrace strip of grass at Kings Park because nearby residents are complaining about noise.

“ATTENTION, in the interests of neighbours NO fitness/sporting activity is permitted on Bellevue Tce Lawn,” the Kings Park Botanic Gardens and Park Authority warns. “Please use the approved lawn areas for these activities.”

Muso Paul Stone happened to be there when the signs went in.

He took to Facebook to say “I stopped at Kings Park to relax/meditate on the grass under the trees a bit. I then started some stretching (qui gong style), five minutes later this ranger came and put up this no fitness allowed’ sign about 15m away from my spot, haha.

“I guess I can still get away with walking and sitting but stretching was taking it way too far!”

While the sign gave him a chuckle and he dubbed it a “classic Perth moment,” the message is most likely aimed at fitness groups, known to make so much early morning noise they sound like boot camp cadets in Full Metal Jacket.

Signs are also warning motorists who park at Kings Park and then use Jacob’s Ladder that they face being fined, because the ladder isn’t actually in the park and you have to be using the park to park there.


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