Soiree with me

PIPE-SMOKING English gents, a leather-clad Mexican siren puffing on a cigar suspended on a single strap high overhead, and wearing not a lot. Welcome to La Soiree, where everything is challenged — even WA’s stringent anti-smoking laws.

It’s vaudeville with a thoroughly modern take, a series of acts at a head-turning speed that kept the audience energy at maximum revs.

Hot bods and mind-defying feats are all part of the fun as the troupe returns to Perth fresh from triumphs in Europe, and a sold-out London season — where they took out the Olivier Awards for the Best Entertainment, and Family Award.

• Bret Pfister cavorts in the air for La Soiree. Photo supplied | Kim Haurgaard

• Bret Pfister cavorts in the air for La Soiree. Photo supplied | Kim Haurgaard

Having enjoyed La Soiree last year I’m not sure about the family bit as there’s quite a bit of frisky frolics; this year’s was a little more sedate, but only a little.

Strongmen The English Gents’ (Denis Lock and Hamish McCann) tossed each other around with ease, at times supported by a single hand (that’s one, not one each) on terra firma.

• Yammel Rodriguez. Photo supplied | Kim Haurgaard

• Yammel Rodriguez. Photo supplied | Kim Haurgaard

And when they ripped off pin-striped suits to reveal British flag budgie smugglers–and a corrugation of pure muscle the crowd roared (well, the women and gay men anyway).

Mario, Queen of the Circus, a leathered Freddie Mercury-wannabe, had the audience belting out a rendition of We Are the Champions worthy of any soccer match, and his juggling defied gravity as four balls seemed to hover above his hands.

Watching Captain Frodo contort his wiry body, his joints like indian rubbe, still had me squirming, despite having seen the act last year.

Mooky is a new face: the vaudevillian clown had the audience in stitches — except for the poor bloke she dragged to the stage.

• Captain Frodo. Photo supplied | Perou

• Captain Frodo. Photo supplied | Perou

• Mooky. Photo supplied | Sean Dennie

• Mooky. Photo supplied | Sean Dennie

Set in the gorgeous La Soiree spiegeltent, near the Alexander library, the two-hour show is pure entertainment, and, as team captain producer Brett Haylock says, “leave your troubles at the door and prepare for a night of thrills, shocks, laughter and disbelief”.

La Soiree runs until March 6.

Tix at


Hamish McCann. Photo supplied | Prudence Upton

• Hamish McCann. Photo supplied | Prudence Upton

02. 917NEWS 5

• Satya. Photo supplied


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