Stop the shush

FEARS Northbridge could lose its soul due to whingy residents moving in have spurred Perth city council to develop some flexibility on noise rules.

Already, complaints from people living in apartment towers built close to live music venues are being lodged.

The city’s taken to making people sign waivers before moving into a block near a live venue, stating they know what they’re getting into, and making sure new places are built with solid soundproofing.

In the past five years the residential population is up 21 per cent and complaints have gone up 30 per cent.

A PCC staff report states the effect of complaining residents moving in is “an ongoing and unresolved concern for the city and entertainment businesses in the area”.

The council will meet with industry and lobby groups to hash out what they need to go ahead with precinct-specific sound rules just for Northbridge, expecting to have a new framework ready around June 2017.



PERTH city council has donated $6800 to the Reconciliation Week and Sorry Day event at Wellington Square on May 26. In recognition of the Bringing them Home report which outlined the effects on Aboriginal people when their children were stolen, Reconciliation Week aims to build “mutually respectful relationships between Indigenous and other Australians”. The vote to provide the money came on Tuesday night, about six hours after PCC staffers again raided Heirisson Island/Matagarup to confiscate tents from the homeless (many of them Aboriginal), just as the first heavy autumn rains started to fall.

THE North Perth man accused of sexually assaulting two children he’d allegedly lured from a school holiday care program faced court this week, with magistrate Joe Cicchini suppressing his name and image. He wasn’t required to enter a plea to three counts of sexual penetration of a child under 13 and two counts of deprivation of liberty. Currently held in Hakea prison, he’s due back in court on May 4. Acting community services minister Albert Jacobs said the childcare centre would be investigated.

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One response to “Stop the shush

  1. Good idea for the contracts idea. NIMBY (not in my back yard) is ‘fair enough’ but imagine residents around Subi/Patterson Stadium or the WACA saying, IT’s TOO NOISY or TOO CROWDED or something else. Most of us might say, go and live in the suburbs! (which is where I live at the moment, but used to live close to Subi Oval, where I got to hear some concerts, gratis). What happened to ‘when in Rome …’?! If you wanna live in the inner city, EXPECT and CELEBRATE (or endure, if you prefer), the people, the vibe, the buzz, the noise, the occasional rabble, rumble and ramble or ramblers. Want peace and quiet? Move back into the suburbs. IMHOOOC (in my humble opinion only of course).

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