This city was made for walking

LOCAL walking enthusiasts will roll out this week in memory of a tradition inspired by urban activist and writer Jane Jacobs.

“Jane’s Walks” have been held worldwide annually since Jacobs’ death in 2006. Last year the event took place in 189 cities, and walkability enthusiast Tina Askam has been organising events in Perth.

Jacobs believed the only real way to understand a city was to walk it. In previous years, walkers have ambled through Maylands observing how the area’s changed over the years from its origins as housing for factory workers building pipes for CY O’Connor’s Goldfields water supply scheme.

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This year, heritage advocate Richard Offen will lead a stroll through the city looking at the heritage we’ve lost and imploring us: “don’t let it happen again”.

Another walk is a little less urban, with Dudley Maier and Sally Lake leading a tour through Perth’s lost and hidden wetlands, from Hamilton Lakes nestled amidst ribbons of freeway to the remnants of Perth’s Great Lakes that once stretched from Lake Monger to the Swan River before being filled in for farming and building across 1830 to 1880.

A  Jane’s Walk principle is a “just turn up” approach, so if you’re keen on going, just head along on the day: the “Don’t let it happen again” heritage walk starts May 6 at 10am at Council House. The Beautiful Bayswater Walk is May 7 at 10am at Bayswater Railway Station, and the Lost Wetlands wander is May 7, 2pm at the corner of Stuart and Palmerston Streets.

You can check out all the details at the Jane’s Walk Perth Facebook page.


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