splash of colour

Adding a splash of colour to her day, Kathrine Hastie joins colleagues from Perth Laguna Painters who meet every Tuesday at the Laguna Veneto Bocce Club in Dianella.


PLP was founded by Lynne Cochrane and Helen Lamb five years ago. Ms Cochrane says members come from all painting abilities, and while there’s no specified teacher, there’s a handful with experience and everyone pitches in to give each other encouragement and ideas. ‚“It’s great, we’ve got the huge ballroom and there’s easy parking, and the club lets us store some of our materials there,” Ms Cochrane says. “They’re just a great bunch of people.”

The sessions run from 9.30am to 2pm and painters are welcome to try their hand at any medium.

935 Terrace Hotel 10x3 935 Secondeli Cafe 10x3

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