Still life with mental illness

A  SHARED interest in the positive impact of art on mental health has brought together five very different artists for Energy and Stillness at Kidogo Arthouse.

The works include deceptively simple paintings by Teresa Pirovich, detailed drawings and paintings by Tamika Dillon and Liam Murphy and a selection of paintings and brightly hand-coloured etchings by Herman Isaac and Jane Mitchell.

• Herman Isaak’s work.

• Herman Isaak’s work.

Murphy didn’t discover his inner artist until he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia six years ago.

“It offers me a way for self-expression through the stillness of image making, and to build on my belief of being competent again,” he says.

For Dillon creativity has played a large part in her recovery, while Mitchell’s works range from large oil paintings to small etchings.

Energy and Stillness opens at Kidogo Arthouse, on Bathers Beach, Fremantle, Thursday June 2 until June 8.


Monster Kraken Sale_110x100mm.indd

One response to “Still life with mental illness

  1. Lots of great things happening with Mental Health here in Perth. Check Perth Active Depression Support Group, a new depression support meetup group that focuses on activities to stay engaged in the community. Search us on Meetup, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @PerthADSG.

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