Election 2016

IN the last week of the election the Chook takes a look at the federal candidates for Perth, presented in the order they appear on the ballot:

09. 939NEWS 1MILD-mannered Liberal candidate Jeremy Quinn has had a run unmarked by controversy, a far cry from Darryl Moore’s attempt in 2013. The engineering consultant has done a lot of on-the-ground campaigning and his run for Perth has seen cash pledges for local groups, from helping the Street Roller Hockey Kids get a sound wall to pledging $750,000 for the more traditional Liberal voter base at the Bayswater tennis club. While the bookies are placing a win for Labor in Perth, Mr Quinn’s promises have the advantage of a likely Turnbull win actually giving him government power to get those grants through.

09. 939NEWS 2GREENS man Tim Clifford is an ex-Army reservist infantryman and worked 10 years as a FIFO, and with experience in the mining industry he’s big on managing the effects of the post-mining boom climate, wanting to move to a clean energy economy (and the jobs that go with it). He also wants to make sure we keep housing affordable. Mr Clifford grew up with a single mum looking after four kids in the country and says without safety nets the family would’ve fallen into poverty and missed out on education and jobs. The Greens had a bit of a dip in the seat of Perth at the last election and he’ll be hoping to build on their 10 per cent primary vote.

09. 939NEWS 3LABOR’S Tim Hammond is odds-on favourite to take the election (a $1 bet on him only gets you $1.03 for a win), pegged to take over from outgoing Alannah MacTiernan. Formerly a barrister representing asbestos victims, he’s now a roaming lawyer who’s been travelling the Kimberley helping Aboriginal road trauma victims with legal mediation like he’s starring in some kind of ABC2 series. Despite being a federal candidate his campaign’s also had a lot of nitty-gritty focus, from small issues like the horrid Beaufort/Walcott intersection to transport troubles like the state Liberal government’s Max light rail falling in a heap.

09. 939NEWS 4ONLINE Direct Democracy is putting up Andrew David Chambers, who says “who I am or what I’ve done is really of no significance” because his party’s platform is a huge departure from usual politics: Rather than represent what he reckons his constituents (or party) wants, Online Direct Democracy will allow people to vote online on every single bill, and then he’ll “vote according to the direction of the online clear majority”.

09. 939NEWS 5THE libertarian-ish Liberal Democrats stand for less government, lower taxes, an end to “unnecessary” defence spending, and have scattered their signs around Perth calling for an end to the nanny state. Their man in the west is Mark Robert Walmsley who served in the RAAF for 20 years as a test pilot on the Wedgetail AEWC project and now works at Rio Tinto.

939 WA Labor Perth WRAP-2

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