LETTERS 2.7.16

It’s a wee bit of a problem
PERTH central railway station was the only capital city train station in the world not to have a toilet.
It now has a new, automatic self-cleaning toilet which plays piano music then warns you that unless you leave within 10 minutes you will be flushed away.
To get to the toilet you must tag on with your Smart Rider and then when you tag off you pay a default fare of $3.60.
This discriminates against people with urinary incontinence.
As the journey from Mandurah to Perth is over an hour and Malcolm Turnbull is attacking Medicare, who is going to pay to replace the seats and carpets on the trains?
Geoff Stuart
Safety Bay, WA
The Ed says: Mr Stuart is a former Perth city councillor.

What happend?
I LOOK forward to each Voice issue. However your image takes a nose dive when errors appear.
The page 3 story on waste fees was repeated unchanged on page 8 except for the headline. Additionally, the headline on page 3 misspells ‘waste’ as “wast”.
On page 9, in the text of your story,”Quinn backs…”, paragraph five, Tim Hammond is described as candidate for the Greens and Labor.
Otherwise you do a great job.
Vincent Sammut
The Ed says: It’s great to see readers keeping our sub-editor honest after a shocker of a week. He says his kids are experimenting with new sleep patterns, leaving him pretty wastd. Of course, Tim Clifford is the Greens candidate.

THE subbie prefers it when you get stuck into the pollies instead of him, though, so pen your thoughts and send them to news@perthvoice.com

939 WA Labor Perth WRAP-1

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