Yod’s legend lives on

AT 102 years old Prakasit’s grandmother Yod is still cooking away in Southern Thailand, and while she’s slowed down a bit, the legend of her cooking lives on at Yod’s Thai Cafe in North Perth.

“I learnt to cook from my mum, but she learnt from grandmother,” Prakasit tells the Voice.

Hailing from Bangkok he and his family have been in Perth for eight years and every morning he puts offerings of food, dainty cups of green tea and lit candles on a Buddhist shrine in the small eatery.

939FOOD 1

Low key is the best description for the cafe with its nondescript decor, but the welcome is warm and the food good.

It’s also freshly made to traditional recipes handed down – and is great value.

Keeping to budget can be tricky at more upmarket eateries, but my companion and I were well and truly full for a mere $46.60, which meant we were happy and so was the boss.

939FOOD 2

I was a bit sorry not to see my favourite Thai fish cakes on the menu, but the spring rolls ($5.90) were freshly made in-house.

They were wonderfully crisp and fresh, the flavour delicate and clearly not mass produced.

The sweet plum sauce is bought in, but the thick, almost jam-like serve was a pleasant alternative to the usual chilli sauce.

My lunch companion had the chicken satay ($5.90) and said they were so cute coming out they looked like little angel fish on a platter. A single, flattened piece of chicken rather than the normal chunks, it was a touch tricky dunking them in the side serve of sauce, but it was worth the effort as they were a nicer, more subtle flavour than the usual anaphylactic-inducing peanutfest, he said.

939FOOD 3

Entree and mains arrived together, but we were so hungry we just hoed in, dipping spring rolls in the red curry sauce for a bit of variety, and mixing satay with a mee goreng ($11.90).

I’d ordered a fish version of the curry ($12.90) a huge bowl of rich redness, with plenty of fish, along with potato and carrot.

It packed a pleasant chilli punch, with a coconut tang that left the taste buds dancing.

Prakasit puts a Thai twist on his Singaporean mee goreng ($11.90), which comes with a choice of lamb or beef.

“This was a great dish, again a bit more subtle than you might get in Singapore, but it was a good mix of meat and al dente vegies,” said my companion. “The beef wasn’t the most tender I’ve ever eaten, but definitely passed muster. The egg noodles were cooked beautifully, so they were just the right consistency, which is really important for a mee goreng.”

Yod’s Thai Cafe
328 Bulwer St, North Perth
open Mon–Sat 11am–8.30pm
9228 9422

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