Artsy look at architecture

ARTIST Sioux Tempestt brings an unorthodox eye to Perth’s heritage buildings in her new exhibition Chronicle at the Museum of Perth

Most heritage photography is utterly and proudly straight forward; front-on shots of buildings with every sill and drain pipe captured. Instead of this painstaking style of documentation, Tempestt prefers to distort, twist and mash together favourite buildings like the Manchester Dye Works, Lincoln Street’s art deco sewerage tower or Fremantle’s working clubs together.

The result is an overall impression of the building, washed over with pop-art colourings.

• Sioux Tempestt’s unorthodox view of Perth architecture.

• Sioux Tempestt’s unorthodox view of Perth architecture.

Despite the unorthodox approach Tempestt has a lot of reverence for the buildings, and hopes her works will make people look at them anew: “My family migrated to Perth in the early 70s, so I’ve had the opportunity to see Perth change over a period of time,” she says.

“I’ve always held an appreciation for and interest in the beauty of architecture, the elements of design and impact on environment.

“I love that you can smell the history in old objects and buildings and wonder at the stories they hold. Watching our history being destroyed over the years with the demolition of beautifully crafted buildings has been difficult.”

Tempestt says Perth is changing at an “alarming rate,” and while she understands the need for development reckons “it can be achieved with a far better outcome”.

It’s a light-hearted change of direction for the little museum, which has just finished up its exhibition documenting rediscovered photographs of soldiers just before they left for the Great War.

Chronicle is at the Museum of Perth, Grand Lane, from July 8 to 22.


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