Hammond wins Perth

VOTE counting continues across the country but in Perth Labor’s Tim Hammond declared victory early Saturday evening.

After preferences his vote sits at 53.9 per cent, and he mostly held retiring MP Alannah MacTiernan’s grip on the seat ceding only 0.11 per cent of the primary vote.

Liberal contender Jeremy Quinn managed 42 per cent of the primary vote, budging little from Darryl Moore’s 2013 effort.

The Greens’ Tim Clifford recorded a 4.6 per cent swing in the primary vote, a stellar performance for the party, which had a similar result in Fremantle but only improved 1.9 per cent across the state.

• Tim Hammond celebrates his electoral victory with supporters. 

• Tim Hammond celebrates his electoral victory with supporters.

Perth people largely didn’t go in for the pseudo-libertarianism of the Liberal Democrats (1.59 per cent of the vote) and the “anyone can vote for every bill over the internet” plan from the Online Direct Democracy (1.38 per cent).

Just over 2500 doodlebrains cast an informal vote out of the 69,519 counted.

Up in Stirling Liberal incumbent Michael Keenan stayed safe with 56 per cent of the primary vote, with Labor’s Robert Pearson up about three per cent and the Greens’ Tom Webster making no ground, sitting around the same 11 per cent level as the last election.

In other election news Perth Voice sub-editor Brian Mitchell won the Tasmanian seat of Lyon for Labor. He’d been on leave during the election so he could tramp between Tassie farmhouses, and to avoid any chance of the Voice’s election coverage being perceived as biased.

He’s been with the paper since it was taken over by the Fremantle Herald and relaunched in its current incarnation in 2001, and his influence was seen in many a punny headline, bitingly witty replies to letters to the editor, and rants against what he described as the “powerful but unelected” state administrative tribunal.


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