Experts in for Baysie future

FUTURE BAYSWATER will be bringing in planning experts to speak at a series of public forums designed to generate ideas for shaping the city into the future.

Made up of business owners and residents, the newish group’s main campaign so far has been pushing Bayswater council over a structure plan for the town centre and train station.

Viewpoints differ on whether the precinct should be developed or preserved as is.

Mixed developments

Future Bayswater wants a structure plan allowing mixed use developments to increase the residential population of the town, arguing that will give youngsters an affordable option to buy in.

It also wants a greener environment, and better public transport and pedestrian access in the hope of making Baysy a “go to” destination instead of the current “go through” situation.

Future Bayswater’s Paul Shanahan, a high school physics teacher, tells us they’re all still learning as they go and bringing in experts will mean they can have a more informed debate.

Australian Urban Design Research Centre planner and Bayswater local Julian Bolleter is first speaker, talking about how to do urban regeneration while protecting biodiversity, and down the road they’re also bringing in transport buff Peter Newman and leading architect and urban designer Malcolm Mackay who’s had a hand in a heap of Perth’s big projects.

The launch is Friday July 22 at the Bayswater Bowling and Recreation Club, 58 Murray Street at 6pm, and then the series will be held every Thursday at the Bayswater hotel, check for dates and speakers.


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