Old fines written off

TWENTY years of unenforceable fines are to be written off by Vincent council.

The 2,249 fines total $253,660.

Councils routinely write them off because they’re either unenforceable (the person’s dead or overseas) or it would cost more to enforce them than they’d ever get back.

Perth council clears its out every few months to keep the books clean but it turns out that’s never happened at Vincent, so the fines go back to the municipality’s creation in 1994.

The current admin found a proverbial shoebox full of tickets and realised there was no system in place to get them off the books. In a report to councillors staff acknowledge it “should have been previously undertaken” and say there’s now procedures in place.

“These administrative processes will prevent such a situation being repeated,” a report to council said.

The council still has to calculate how many non-recoverable infringements there are between 2010 and 2016.

While 2,249 scofflaws have got away with breaching the rules, over the same period 28,582 fines have been fully paid, for a total of $4.2 million.


942 Precept Financial Services 10x2

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