LETTERS 23.7.16

Time for a group hug
HAVING read through three weeks of letters in Perth Voice relating to the mysterious City of Vincent letter sent to pensioner ratepayers regarding possible increase to our rates, (I must admit I’d never before seen such an unusual letter as this from Vincent council) I have subsequently been shocked to see the aftermath which appears to have become almost a battleground for ongoing retaliation especially before and after the recent Federal election.
I was likewise disappointed to read the letter signed by all Vincent councillors, and am wondering just why they became involved in this whole issue.
To be fair to all sides involved in what could rapidly become a nasty divisive issue, I do believe there needs to be a timely reminder that we ratepayer /residents along with our council all fought together to stave off the last amalgamation attempt by the City of Perth where Eleni Evangel stood strongly by us and valiantly fought beside us.
It was with that combined effort, we won. As our community would be aware, she has continued to be always readily available to assist in any issue at any time.
I don’t ever recall a Perth state member who unflinchingly gives so much of her time, always, in her efforts to help.
So in order to prevent further deterioration in relationship between the parties involved, I believe enough is enough and like everyone, want a solution to be quickly reached.
Because I consider our mayor John Carey has pretty much been the best mayor the City of Vincent has had up to this, its 21st anniversary, especially since he is striving to bring in fully open government to local councils in WA (no secret deals behind closed doors).
The solution is to have him remain our mayor and not desert us.
John is irreplaceable in this crucial role of bringing honesty into local government.
He too, has worked tirelessly at always being readily available to meet the needs of his constituents in every possible way.
For these past several years it has to be agreed that we in Vincent have had the best of both worlds. With a top mayor and great state member looking after our needs.
Let’s keep it that way and have peace with true democracy.
People are sick and tired of conflict and remember, every single person does have faults.
Marie Slyth
Carr Street, West Perth

Well, they would say that
THE obvious response to the recent letter from all Vincent councillors, rejecting claims of party political influence within the Vincent council, is “they would say that, wouldn’t they”.
One only has to look at Vincent council’s response to the state government proposal for the Fitzgerald Street bus lane to see why there is a perception that there is a party political bias in council decision making.
The Vincent staff recommended that the community be consulted about the proposal.
The council rejected this and decided instead to write to the minister asking for justification for improved public transport along Fitzgerald Street. Rather than accept the Public Transport Authority’s plan to improve public transport they seemed to be more interested in scoring points against the government.
But that’s not all. About a year ago the council tried to influence the boundaries for the state seat of Perth.
Their submission to the Electoral Commission was to shift an area of West Perth, which coincidentally is a Liberal Party stronghold, to the neighbouring seat of Nedlands.
Normally this may have been par for the course, but when one of their members was clearly going to stand for the seat, such a decision would not pass the ‘pub test’.
Vincent councillors bang on about best practice governance. If they were serious about that they would take steps to ensure there was no perception of party political bias, and they would certainly make sure that there was no perception that ratepayer’s money was being used to further the political aspirations of one of their members
Ali Park
Carr Place, Leederville

How to annoy
ONE of the hazards of an Australian election — getting through the blizzards of `how to vote` cards outside the polling booths — would be a thing of the past if I had my way.
I think that `donkey` and `informal` votes alike may owe something to anger or confusion in the minds of many voters who are beset by swarms of predatory helpers handing out cards.
At Mt Lawley on the Federal election day, I watched many older voters blanch as they faced onslaughts by eight or nine card volunteers at a time.
The Perth metropolitan area alone was served by hundreds of polling booths for the federal election, each of them under a mulch of `how to vote` cards representation goodness knows how many trees cut down to make the paper.
Given the descent of our democratic process into tick-a-box elections, I suggest a ban on `how to vote` cards.
We should replace them with large explanatory posters for each party and one for ‘others’ mounted on hoardings side by side,  illustrating the choices and methods of voting.
Michael Jardine
Glenroyd Street, Mt. Lawley

Not super
MY late husband and I paid super for close to 40 years, and that’s after paying ordinary tax as well during this time.
We retired and thought we had enough for retirement until Paul Keating became treasurer and, as usual, Labour was short of funds so he annexed our super and put it into Treasury, putting us on CPI — where we have been ever since.
Consequently we are 60 per cent behind the increases Centrelink pensioners get.
Last time they got $30, we got just $1.50 a fortnight.
The armed services were on the same as us but a few years ago it was seen to be unfair, which it was and they were put on the Centrelink increases and taken off CPI.
We were not. Are they waiting for us to pass on?
I am now 91 and could do with the same increases as bills keep going up?
Bibra Lake

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One response to “LETTERS 23.7.16

  1. The State premier has a M.Ec, the State Treasurer has a Ph.D. in Economics.
    When My daughters were at school one of them had the following slogan on the front of her economics file:
    “We look up our horoscope each day to make economics sound feasible.”

    With all these experts I am not surprised that we are only in front of Tasmania when it comes to economic development

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