So good you’ll pinch yourself

It’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote this review, unaware at the time of Pincho’s looming expansion. They’ve just opened the new section, which takes over the corner of Oxford and Newcastle Streets and is a welcome addition more in keeping with Leedy atmosphere than the run-down Subway. The extra space means more people can enjoy Pinchos delicious fare.

FIVE minutes into our meal, Kylie began to worry. Genuinely concerned, she asked if I was OK but didn’t get an answer. “You look upset, are you ok?” she persisted.

At that particular moment I had just scoffed my second croquette. The crumbed sphere with it’s deliciously creamy leak, mushroom and jamon filling had sent me into a temporary paralysis.

“It’s just so good,” I mumbled. “I’m in heaven.”

942FOOD 4

That’s the kind of effect the food at Pinchos will have on you.

We were so taken aback by our croquettes we ordered another serve. Our tiny table in the back room of Leederville’s cozy, intimate and much-loved eatery was filling up fast with a mouthwatering assortment of tapas.


The most delectable flatbread I’ve ever eaten is served with a sharp saffron labne, beetroot, dukkah and huge green olives ingeniously partnered with fresh, firm grapes.

I filled my flatbread with some chorizo from another dish and slathered it with the labne before I used my concoction to mop up the paprika oil from the chorizo pan. Talk about over-indulgence.

A bad chorizo can be tough and rubbery, but this was the best I’ve ever had – tender, juicy and dotted with just the right amount of fat.

942FOOD 3

If pork belly is on any menu Kylie and I struggle to look past it. The piggy cubes had a caramelised crust on the bottom where it got caught on the pan which complemented the salty crackling on top of its moist and tender middle.

The night’s blackboard menu item was beef cheeks. Another dish to send your tastebuds into a frantic frenzy. The delicate cut of meat pulled apart with the slightest touch and melted into the cauliflower puree it sat on. Kylie tried to nudge my spoon out of the way to get to the last bite but she quickly gave up – she knows her efforts to keep me away from food are always futile.

Faultless service

The service at Pinchos is spot on and the food faultless.  Even better, unlike virtually every other tapas restaurant in Perth, Pinchos charge tapas, not mains, prices for their portions. Full praise there for the honesty.

942FOOD 2

Their honest, generously portioned tucker is perfectly executed by the chef and his staff.

I must have looked like Kilroy as I peered into the open kitchen trying to steel a few ideas for the next time Kylie and I have guests over. My efforts wouldn’t come anywhere close to Pinchos though.

Their food is on another level.


749 Newscastle St, Leederville
9228 3008
Sunday – Thursday: 11.30am – late
Friday – Saturday: 11.30am – late

942 Divido 10x3 942 Terrace Hotel 9x2.3

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