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A DEAD Mouse and a Broken Coffee Machine is Applecross artist Shannon Lyons’ latest exhibition.

“It’s a real mouse which is dead,” she says when asked about the rodent pictured on her press release.

“I definitely did not kill it,” she’s quick to add.

You can get just about anything from a taxidermist, including a dead mouse on request: “He said come and choose,” Lyons says.

The small mouse is a comment on the perceived lifelessness of galleries, Lyons says, who once did stumble across a decomposing mouse in a gallery corner; “that nobody had noticed, or noticed and decided not to pick up.”

The exhibition also looks at the relationship between the commercial hospitality environment of a cafe, and the supposedly non-commercial gallery space: “[And] the coded social engagements embedded in each,” Lyons says.

“People go to openings to drink, and similarly go for coffee to meet friends, but it’s a commercial transaction.”
Lyons has shown her work nationally and internationally, including Mexico City, Melbourne and UWA’s Lawrence Wilson gallery.

Along with an arts degree, she has a philosophy doctorate from Curtin University and studied overseas including at the Ecole Nationale Superieur d’Art de Dijon, France and the Fondazione Antonio Ratti, in Italy.

A Dead Mouse and a Broken Coffee Machine is on at Moana Gallery, 618 Hay Street, Perth August 12–September 3.

If you get your Voice early the opening (Friday August 12, 6pm) includes a performance piece by a disinterested barista – who won’t be making coffee.


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