Sayers fits Leedy like a comfy pair of slippers

13. 945FOOD

S AYERS doesn’t do table service, a polite waitress informed me, but after finding out I was just after a pre-lunch coffee, it turned out not to be a hard and fast rule.

Soon a smooth and steaming brew arrived while I willed the heat from the alfresco heater towards my fingers so I could file a couple of stories courtesy of the free iiNet wifi I stumbled across.

Little introductions like this can have a big impact on your impressions of a restaurant, and Sayers did nothing along the way to dampen my enthusiasm.

When my lunch companion arrived we retreated indoors and were soon enjoying the mellow decor with its artsty photos and soothing 1900s-inspired feature wallpaper from our booth seat, enveloped in the hubbub of a crowd that, like the restaurant, was fashionable but not too trendy.

I ordered the slow-cooked, cumin-spiced brisket with mashed potato, glazed baby carrot, leek fondant and a date and shiraz reduction.

Perhaps I’ve been conditioned by ridiculously-priced morsels of tapas, but I actually spent a few seconds confused by the foreign object on my plate before realising it was a second, generous portion of beef.

It was noticeably fattier than its greyhound-lean companion, which may have explained the chef’s generosity, but I’m a fan of fattier cuts so at $26 it made the dish a bargain, I thought.

The meat itself was tender-as, even the fattier bit, and rich with flavour. The reduction was sweet like a YouTube kitten and robust like a German opera, so piled onto a forkful of creamy potato it made every mouthful a delight.

My dining companion is the guiding type, so I’d let her lead me to Sayers with the recommendation: “Lovely coffee; always have good coffee at Sayers.

“It was very enjoyable,” she remarked of her meal.

“I had a pork belly and chorizo frittata ($17.50) with a beautiful green salad with a lovely dressing. It was pulled pork which was very unusual for that sort of frittata – I’m calling it frittata but it was almost like a pie.

“I think it had what might have been haloumi on top.”

A good selection, good food, good vibes and a good location; Sayers is a great staple of Leedy life.


224 Carr Place, Leederville
9227 0429
Breakfast and Lunch
Seven days a week

13. Sienas Sister 10x7


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