Mac’s back

ALANNAH MACTIERNAN’S political career is almost certain to be revived with Labor leader Mark McGowan keen to see her fill a vacancy left by retiring upper house MP Ken Travers.

Ms MacTiernan, 63, has served as state MP, Vincent mayor, and recently retired from federal politics as the Perth MP.

Some Liberal party members greeted the news by taking aim at her age.

ABC reported Liberal MP Joe Francis, age 61, saying bringing her back was like “Lazarus with a quadruple bypass”.

Upper house member Phil Edman described Ms MacTiernan as a dinosaur, saying his party could bring back Norman Moore and the pair could be put in the upper house with a “blanket on their laps so they are nice and warm”.

Ms MacTiernan was light-hearted about the criticism: “It’s official, A-Mac is no more,” referring to her old nickname. “You can call me A-Rex (Alannah-saurus Rex). Big, powerful, but definitely not extinct. Thanks @phil_edman,” she signed off with a tag that would alert her quarry to the post.

The cabinet has its fair share of 60 year olds: Colin Barnett is 66  and so is Mike Nahan. Peter Collier is 57, John Day is 60, Andrew Mitchell is 60, and Michael Mischin is 57. Joe Francis is 45, Albert Jacob is the youngster in cabinet at 36 and Mia Davies is 37.



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