No peppies, please

A PETITION to remove pesky peppermint trees in Yokine has been slapped in front of Stirling council.

Fourteen Lonsdale Street locals are demanding the newly planted peppies be pulled out of their verge.

“We consider the trees to be unsuitable for the purpose due to their appearance, size, growth habit and reputation for producing large amounts of debris,” their petition claims.

06. 947NEWS

They’re also not happy with the “method and level of consultation over the choice of tree species”. The gripe opines that “two trees per verge is problematic in an area subject to infill”.

It’s in stark contrast to tree agitation over the border in Bayswater, where locals railed against the council pulling out peppermint trees from Halliday Park (the city said they were too old and dangerous). And over in Vincent the council has for the past year been inundated by people keen to host greenery on their verges in a council-subsidised program.

The petition’s now with Stirling’s parks and reserves department to mull over.


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