Donation question

LORD mayor Lisa Scaffidi was quizzed by a Northbridge local at Tuesday’s council meeting over a donation to councillor Lily Chen’s campaign for the state seat of Mirrabooka.

Graham Hansen submitted the question, which read: “I understand that you donated a gift to Lily Chen’s election campaign for the Liberal Party in the seat of Mirrabooka.

“What was the value of the gift and will it mean that Cr Chen is conflicted and therefore unable to vote on matters before the City of Perth such as the upcoming heritage listing of your building on Wellington Street,” he said, referring to the Grand Central backpackers which staff have recommended for heritage protection.

That heritage protection has been opposed by Ms Scaffidi’s husband and part-owner Joe Scaffidi.

Ms Scaffidi said her husband had donated some pottery items worth about $75 to Ms Chen.

The display from the Liberal fundraiser at Hans Palace on September 29 gave “special thanks to our prize donors” including “Lisa & Joe Scaffidi”.

At $75, the pottery is under the $300 limit that’d make it a prohibited gift.

Mr Hansen also asked Cr Chen if she’d declared the gift. She replied she’d filled out the relevant forms and handed them in, though they’re yet to show up on the online gift register.

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