Group cries foul as bus stops go

THE public transport authority has removed three bus stops along a discontinued stretch of bus route 15 despite a challenge to the service’s axing being before WA’s supreme court.

Members of the Senior and Disabled Bus Action Group (Sandbag) claim Transperth discriminated against people with poor mobility when it changed route 15 last year, with those living around Brady and Tasman streets being forced to walk up to 700 metres to the nearest bus stop.

Sandbag’s crusade took it to the state administrative tribunal and the federal court with little success, but a supreme court appeal and a complaint to the human rights commission are still being considered. Convenor Tad Krysiak reckons the decision to remove the three stops (two on Tasman and one on Egina) is “premature”.

• Sandbags members protest the demise of route 15. File photo

• Sandbags members protest the demise of route 15. File photo

Mr Krysiak says the PTA will waste taxpayer dollars putting the bus stops back if the supreme court overturns its decision to axe the route.

“Those bus shelters shouldn’t have come out until all legal actions have ceased,” Mr Krysiak says.

“It’s not in anyone’s way, it’s just a shelter with a seat … why can’t they wait until everything’s finished?”

“It is the PTA’s conniving, contemptuous way of getting revenge on us for complaining in the first place…” Mr Krysiak wrote.

Sandbag has a petition to restore bus 15, which will be delivered to the minister for transport when it gets 100 signatures.


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