Ochre’s Kaya explores cultural clash

NOONGAR dance techniques, contemporary European lighting, Bollywood beats; there’s an eclectic mix of ingredients in a dynamic dance production heading to Perth once a regional tour is completed.

Ochre dance company’s Kaya [Hello] is an emotional, athletic, and fierce work of contemporary dance which examines “cross-cultural clash and collaboration”, company dramaturge Phil Thompson says.

“[It] portrays the excitement and danger of our modern cultural mix.”



By combining a variety of indigenous dance techniques with Indian, Maori, and Western classical and contemporary styles, Kaya [Hello] reflects the expertise of its diverse, internationally renowned cast.

Developing theatre for an international audience which connects to regional and remote WA is part of Ochre’s vision, so the dance company was in Kalgoorlie last week following a Bunbury residency and stint in Tjuntjunjara, in the far-east of WA.

Kaya [Hello] grapples with how cultures respect each other.

“We Australians think of ourselves as an open, friendly, welcoming mixture of peoples and cultures. However terrible things have happened when we don’t understand, when we fear,” says Thompson.

“We have attacked people arriving and those who have always lived here. Kaya [Hello] recognises the world’s urgent need for mutual respect and understanding.

“It grapples with one of the world’s most pressing questions… how do we get on with one another?”

Kaya [Hello] will be shown at the Dolphin Theatre, 35 Stirling Highway, Crawley. Sessions from October 14 to 23 at 7.30 pm.

Tickets: http://www.ticketswa.com/event/kaya-hello



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