Worth the trip for perfect fish and chips

IT’S a long way to go for fish and chips,” my lovely sister-in-law said as we left Fremantle for Inglewood.

She’s probably right, but it seems we’re not the only ones prepared to make preposterous journeys in search of the perfect chippy, chef/owner Paul Zammit tells me.

“People drive here regularly from all over the metro area, even Mandurah, for our seafood, which is local and fresh.”

The restaurant also offers gluten free batter, which is a hit with coeliacs, including one women who rings from Sydney to book a table on her many trips to Perth.

The decor is deliberately low key and beachey, with stressed timber and colourful fish drawings — courtesy of visiting kids and grownups alike — adorn the walls.


My brother went for the cider-battered snapper ($28), describing it as lighter and fluffier than the beer version.

His wife ordered the gluten free crumbed snapper, with chips and salad ($31), which she reckoned was tasty.

D’Angerous Dave and I had been studying a wall full of ice cream desserts so opted for entree sized meals.

I went for the Thai fish cakes with Asian salad ($18) which were chewy, and deliciously spicy, and served with a sweet chilli sauce, which like Goldilocks porridge was neither too hot, nor too cool.

Whitebait ($18), is something D’Angerous can’t go past so he was as happy as a dog with two tails with his heaped plate of crispy swimmers.

“They’re really nice and spicy,” he said.

“They remind me of being in Spain or the Mediterranean.”


We shared a bowl of cider battered onion rings ($7.50) which were terrific, the sweetness of the onion perfect with the salty, savoury batter.

The ice cream is made in-house and the selection is mouthwatering so there was lots of dithering before a decision was made.

For D’Angerous is was the Belgian waffles with cinnamon ice cream ($13), which he described as Christmas on steroids, with the spicy maple syrup blending magnificently with the cinnamon.

The pineapple fritter ($13) also came with cinnamon ice cream and was wolfed down.

We ladies went for a simple ice cream ($7), which comes on a stick, a very deluxe version of the more commercial varieties.

My coconut one was rich and creamy, while the mango yoghurt with raspberry was wonderfully sharp.


A Fish Called Inglewood
882 Beaufort S, Inglewood
open Tues–Sun from 5pm
6101 4678

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