School awarded for indigenous program

MT LAWLEY Senior High School has received $25,000 as part of a premier’s award for excellence in aboriginal education.

Principal Milton Butcher says the school uses an outreach program called Follow the Dream which identifies aspirational indigenous students and helps them work towards a university entrance.

The program operates in 27 public schools throughout the state, but also pulls high achieving students from neighbouring schools so there’s about 800 students under its umbrella.

It offers access to after school tutors, a mentor to review general well-being, career guidance, and regular contact with parents and teachers regarding academic progress.

All 15 Aboriginal students in Year 12 at Mt Lawley last year achieved their WA certificate of education.

“Mount Lawley has an uncompromising expectation that Aboriginal students can – and will – reach their full potential, setting challenging goals for students but focusing on the small steps to help each individual succeed,” education minister Peter Collier said.

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