Pedal Power

IF Perth lord mayor Lisa Scaffidi mooned a crowded gathering of citizens would it reduce crime, antisocial behaviour, and increase bicycle use in the city?

It worked for Bogota mayor Antanas Mockus who used the shock tactic to gain attention and support for his left-field initiatives in the 1990s.

Along the way he turned the Columbian city from one of the most violent in the world to one that has social equity and human happiness at its heart.

He also got residents to reduce water usage by 40 per cent and got 63,000 of them to happily pay a voluntary 10 per cent tax hike.

Mayor Mockus’ inspiring story Bogota Change, part of the City Mojo Film Festival at Northbridge Piazza, is screening over four Wednesday evenings in March.

Perth Bike Hub and Perth city council are presenting the series of thought-provoking films that promote strong cities, community spirit — and the humble bicycle.

• City of Perth councillor Reece Harley, Bike Dr’s Luke Golden, City of Perth councillor Jemma Green and local resident Andrew Main

• City of Perth councillor Reece Harley, Bike Dr’s Luke Golden, City of Perth councillor Jemma Green and local resident Andrew Main

Sparkling ideas

“It’s about sparking ideas and discussion about what kind of place we want our city and our communities to be, and to get people thinking about ways we can make it even better,” festival organiser Charlotte Thomsett says.

“Is the city for people or cars?”

The festival will mark International Women’s Day on March 8 with a collection of short films about bold women leaders, urban living—and roller derby.

“The films are more female focused about well know leaders like Jane Jacobs,” Ms Thomsett told the Voice.

In the late 1960s, Jacobs led the charge to save New York’s Greenwich Village from being bulldozed to make way for a freeway.

Ghanaian immigrant

There’s also the heart-warming tale of a Ghanaian immigrant, in bicycle-mad Holland, who helps refugee women gain confidence by learning to ride a bike.

There’ll be market stalls on closing night, March 22, and a collection of films that cover everything from Melbourne’s laneway culture to the global parklet trend.

The main movie is Bike City, Great City comes from Canada, where bike paths are plentiful.

It looks at why some cities are great for bike riding while other “just suck”, and how creating space for cycling makes cities better for everyone.

The City Mojo Film Festival is free and starts March 1.


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