Baysy placed for success

HENRY On Eighth owner Steve Lavell says a new council initiative could make Maylands safer and attract more businesses to the area.

Bayswater council “place makers” will host workshops with local businesses and community members to find out what improvements they want to see made to the city.

Mr Lavell said the initiative was “long overdue” and he wants a bigger security presence in Maylands.

“There has been an increase in unsavoury activity and, with a lot of charity groups in the area, a lot of homeless and displaced people,” he says.

• Henry On Eighth owner Steve Lavell with new Bayswater place manager Emma Snow. Photo by Steve Grant

“We are worried about the quick turnover of small businesses in the area.

“When businesses leave a vacancy it can be a real turnoff. It would be good to look into sub-leasing spaces perhaps to local artists.

“It’s time local businesses have someone we can contact about our day-to-day concerns.

“We want to create a really attractive destination for visitors as well as locals who sometimes feel they have to go elsewhere to places like Mt Lawley.”

Bayswater mayor Barry McKenna hopes improvements to shopfronts and streets will boost economic performance in town centres.

“Community input is paramount as regular users of centres are a valued resource when it comes to what is needed to bring retail strips to life at different times of the day,” he says.

Bayswater’s hiring of place makers follows the success of the initiative in Vincent, which has included pop up bars, mini festivals and made it easier for businesses to set up festivals.

The workshops are at Bayswater Hotel, March 27, from 6pm, and at Maylands’ WA Ballet centre, April 3, from 7pm.


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