Teenage kicks

SUSHI entered my culinary consciousness when I was about fifteen and in the throes of teenage angst.

Everything and everyone seemed mundane and as I searched for creative ways to express my individuality, I found solace at Go Sushi while my friends headed off to gorge on big macs and chicken nuggets.

I’m still a sushi fiend, but hadn’t connected with  Perth’s “fancy sushi” joints since arriving, until I scored a table at Aisuru Sushi in Northbridge.

Japanese delights 

In typical Japanese style, the interior was incredibly clean and modern, albeit a little cramped.

We were given the choice of a table beside the window — a great spot for people-watching — or by the central kitchen, where you can enjoy watching your sushi being artfully prepared.

The menu was incredibly long and detailed with a wonderful selection of Japanese delights.

Along with the usual types of entrees, meats and sushi, I was impressed with the inclusion of different vegetarian and vegan options, as North Asian cuisine does not always look kindly upon our herbivore friends.

As always, it took me an inordinate amount of time to order, but eventually I plumped for the teriyaki tofu ($8.50) and seared salmon nigiri ($9).

The tofu was silky on the inside, and delicately spiced and slightly crunchy on the outside, while the salmon was cooked to rare perfection and retained a moist texture.

My less adventurous friend ordered chicken teriyaki ($10) and steamed rice ($2.50), and despite my reservations I found it enjoyable.

For mains I went for the Philli Roll ($10.50) — cream cheese and cucumber sushi topped with seared salmon and red onions—and the Plum Flower Roll ($9.50): chicken teriyaki and avocado sushi topped with tamago egg.

Both were stunningly presented and each element engaged beautifully, creating a delicious meal.

I was uncertain about fusing cream cheese and sushi but it perfectly complemented the seared salmon.


My friend didn’t seem too enlightened by the sushi options and decided to chow down on some yakitori skewers ($16.50), basically Japanese chicken kebabs.

He seemed enamoured with his decision, but I am still overcoming the trauma of knowing someone who doesn’t want to order sushi at a sushi restaurant.

Despite this I had a wonderful evening at Aisuru Sushi and would be delighted to dine there again — minus one picky friend!


Aisuru Sushi
208 William Street
9328 8578

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