Another brick in the wall

REDLANDS STREET residents in Bayswater have discovered almost half of a 3 to 3.8-metre wall designed to block out truck noise from the new NorthLink highway upgrade will be below road level.

The $1.12 billion upgrade runs north from Collier Road to Muchea, and it’s intended to improve freight capacity, reduce urban congestion, and reduce road deaths by eliminating four of the state’s top 15 most dangerous intersections.

It’s estimated to take 80 per cent of heavy vehicles off Great Northern Highway.

But Redlands Street residents want to make sure they’re not subject to a conga line of roaring trucks.

• Bayswater residents met with John Holland contractors to discuss the noise wall issues. Photo by Chris Cornish

Bayswater councillor Chris Cornish attended a meeting between residents and the state’s contractor John Holland.

“Sounds like a good-sized wall, but when asked what ground level they were measuring the wall height from a problem emerged,” said Cr Cornish.

“I think that wall is going to start about 1.5m below the road level, so in actual fact the proposed 3 to 3.8m wall will only be 1.5m to 2.3m above the new highway. This means you may be able to visually observe trucks, and no doubt hear them.”

Main Roads PR officer Celena Chamoun says they are aware of the issues raised by residents and are working closely with the contractor to address their concerns.

John Holland contractors told residents if the wall doesn’t block sound levels in line with the required state standards then they’ll come back and fix it.

But Cr Cornish says that’s not ideal: “Let’s ensure the job is done properly in the first place. The 3 to 3.8m wall needs to be from road level,” he said.


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