Supreme route

ANGRY Mt Hawthorn residents have pleaded with the Supreme Court to reinstate a bus route they say is “vital” for disabled and elderly residents.

Transperth’s route 15 runs from the Perth CBD to Glendalough, but was amended mid-2015 to miss out stops in and around Tasman Street.

It prompted Tad Krysiak to form the Senior and Disabled Bus Action Group as his mother was one of the people affected.

He says the changes mean disabled and elderly residents have to walk further and cross major roads to catch the bus.

Mr Krysiak was questioned for around two hours over the route change at a Supreme Court hearing last week.

He argues that the PTA misled the Equal Opportunity Commission and the State Administrative Tribunal when defending an action lodged by a Cannington resident over a route change in 2006. The decisions from that action have been used as a precedent to dismiss Sandbag’s claim.


Mr Kyrisak originally took his complaint to the Equal Opportunity Commission, but it was thrown out.

“The PTA is almost a force unto its own,” he says

“They don’t like their decisions being questioned.”

Whilst the PTA does have a consultation period, Mr Krysiak said it’s flawed because it includes people who may not use the particular bus route.

“We were given their classic response: we wouldn’t make changes to the route if it wasn’t in the best interest of the community,” he said.


Mr Krysiak wants more transparency and scrutiny on decisions made by the PTA and EOC.

“A lot of disabled people who may have mental illnesses and elderly people are not able to have their voices heard,” he said.

SC presiding judge Justice Pritchard reserved her decision on the bus route and is expected to make a ruling in the coming weeks.

SANDBAG has also lodged a complaint with the Human Right’s Commission over sections of the route being cancelled.


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