Earthworks restart 

AFTER an environmental stand-off, controversial earthworks next to Bayswater wetlands are about to restart.

Many locals were distraught when bulldozers rolled in last year to start preliminary works on the Skipper’s Row housing subdivision, owned by the family of late Bayswater mayor John D’Orazio.

That site had almost no greenery but the preliminary works, approved by the WA Planning Commission, allowed them to partly encroach on the neighbouring wetlands owned by the Carter family (with that owners’ consent) and many trees were felled.

• Bayswater wetlands beside the earthworks.

At the urging of Bayswater council, then-planning minister Donna Faragher put a stop to the works last July, so the controversial WAPC approval could be investigated.

On April 3 Bayswater council conditionally gave the go-ahead for preliminary works, providing it didn’t impact on the neighbouring Carter’s wetland.

The approved earthworks involve putting down dirt that will be allowed to settle for 12 months before any further work goes ahead.

Meanwhile, Bayswater council is pressing ahead with plans to buy the Carter wetlands and spend $1.5million on restoring it to full health.

For this to happen, WA Labor would need to honour its pre-election pledge to buy the block.


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