Underground crime

WA POLICE has sent letters to residents in East, West and central Perth warning them about a spate of secure garage break-ins.

Officer Jason Savage says a lot of people might not be as diligent locking their vehicle when parking it in a “secure” carpark, but crooks have cottoned on to slipping in when the door is still open.

“The common misconception is that if you’re parked securely underground, your car is safe from crime,” he wrote.

“That is not the case, with theft occurring in underground car parks across Perth.”

• WA Police officer Jason Savage has a warning for garage parkers.

Drug use

There’ve been reports of theft from cars, stolen bikes, drug use and even squatting in carparks.

“Our advice is simple: If you do park your car in a secure carpark, avoid becoming complacent and always lock your car,” Sen Const Savage wrote.

“Also be aware of your surroundings when entering and exiting the parking area and check if anyone is illegally gaining entry by taking advantage of the gate being left open.”

Sen Const Savage says some people put spare house keys in the car park and crooks have been smashing them open and getting access to their apartments.

Police are putting up signs at garages, urging people to wait for the gates to close before driving off, and to “report any pedestrian access immediately to police: 131 444.”

Police are also handing out fliers reminding people “your vehicle is like a shop window” and advising motorists to keep valuables out of sight, even when in an underground carpark.

Sen Const Savage is compiling a list of building and strata managers so he can keep in contact and advise them of theft hotspots.

Managers can send their details to perth.police.station@police.wa.gov.au.


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