Push to curtail overseas travel

STIRLING Cr David Lagan wants to stop elected members travelling to international conferences in the last six months of their term.

“My concern was that this travel, so late on in an elected member’s term, has a lack of benefit for ratepayers,” he says.

Cr Lagan withdrew his motion after city officers recommended an amendment that council had to approve any overseas and interstate travel by councillors in the last six months of their term.

“I wasn’t 100 per cent comfortable with the amended motion and I want any changes to the policy to have a positive impact for ratepayers,” Cr Lagan said.

With five months left in his term, Cr Rod Willox will jet off to England for a sustainable development and planning conference in June.

Cr Andrew Guilfoyle will attend a constructed environment conference in Poland this May, with six months of his term left.

A Stirling council spokesperson said as a check and balance, councillors had to present a report on their conference to the council for endorsement.

Cr Lagan says he will look into the details of the alternative recommendation before tabling another motion.


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