Route appeal setback

THE supreme court has probably put the final nail in the coffin for an attempt by a community group to get the full raft of stops for the old bus route 15 from Perth CBD to Glendalough reinstated.

It was a long fight and local Tad Krysiak gave them a run for their money, forming the Seniors and Disables Bus Action Group to take the fight through the courts when stops were cut from the route in 2015.

• Tad Krysiak, Robert McAuley, Pat Chinnery, Eugenia Krysiak and June Payne. File photo

The PTA reckoned the route was under-used but Mr Krysiac claimed discrimination because it left a lot of disabled people without transport.

“I haven’t had a chance to look at the judgment but apparently it didn’t go very well, we came a cropper,” he said after the hearing on April 13.

He has a couple more cards up his sleeve: “I’ve just sent off final submissions for our complaint to the Human Rights Commission, which is federal, plus we’ll be working with the new Labor government to hopefully get some compromise.”

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