LETTERS 29.4.17

Detention for Mr Hughes
JOHN HUGHES’ letter (“Modern life is rubbish,” Voice, April 8, 2017) berates Perth Modern School students in terms I find quite shocking.
His rant is directed at children from 11 to 17 years of age.
Why, Mr Hughes (supposing that anyone takes you seriously) do you set out to undermine their sense of self-worth at such a critical stage of life?
That word ‘elite’ means just that; the most gifted members of a community.
These young people with their outstanding intellects are our treasure, our potential leaders, researchers, writers, inventors.
Their talents must be given every encouragement to flower, in the interests of us all.
Selection for entry to Perth Modern School is and always was fair and impersonal.
To declare otherwise is uninformed and insulting.
Finally, Mr Hughes, you fail to state what it is that you think they should ‘suck up’ and what it is they are being urged to ‘do as your (sic) told’.
J Donnellan
Salisbury St, Leederville

Wider scrutiny needed
Yet take care.
You’re in danger of encouraging such as myself.
Also in urgent need of media scrutiny: a group of witless wonders relentless in their united efforts over a couple of years to sabotage the image of our capital city.
This by now an envied global image built over a decade by a team of painstaking city councillors that’s dedicated to the prosperity of our city and state.
Ron Willis
First Ave, Mt Lawley

Humane values
WHY do we find it too difficult to define our humane Australian values?
Our modern Australian values are secular and against draconian and middle age values of religions.
Christianity often proudly but falsely takes credit for this.
We accept social and responsible alcohol consumption, equality of genders, sexual orientation, and we treat children born out of wedlock and children raised by a single parent or by gay parents as “normal”.
We accept de-facto relationships and we don’t condemn sex out of marriage.
We give freedom of religion as long as it doesn’t break our secular and humane laws.
We leave it to women to decide when abortion is unfortunately required.
We don’t accept bigamy, female genital mutilation, child marriage or beating of wives.
We give freedom of speech and a platform to speak out against evil ideologies.
It’s no secret that some fundamentalist Jews and Christians, and unfortunately most Muslims, cannot comply with our Australian values as mentioned above. We accept multiculturalism as long as it doesn’t contravene our values and hard earned secularism and freedom.
Alex Mulla
Smith St, Highgate

Multicultural benefits
IT is good to know that the Australian government is planning to tighten the requirements for Australian citizenship.
The new requirements may include a stand-alone English test and a commitment to embrace Australian values.
Australian history is living testimony to the hard work and sacrifices of migrants from all over the world.
Surely some of them could not speak English very well, but they had the much needed skills to build Australia.
Afghan cameleers played a great role in exploring and mapping the northern outback and rural Australia.
They were key to infrastructure projects.
Lebanese settlements established restaurants, retail and warehousing businesses.
Indians, Pacific Islanders, and Chinese supported the gold rush, sugar and banana industries.
Italians, Greeks, Poles, Maltese, Russians and French settlers established the wine industry.
I fully appreciate and understand the needs for speaking english, but making it mandatory would lead us back to White Australia Policy.
Let’s remember diversity is our biggest strength and a key factor in our great success.
Usaman Mahmood
Sandalwood drive
South Bowenfels

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