Supremacists active

WHITE pride posters have popped up in Maylands and Northbridge as part of an organised city-wide propaganda campaign.

The posters were first noticed in Fremantle bearing slogans like, “the white family is a beautiful one”.

Bayswater councillor Catherine Ehrhardt let us know they’d been spotted in Maylands too, with one of them imploring people to “love white culture”.

• White pride posters have popped up across Perth.

One poster featured a young white boy playing cricket with the phrase “take care of our boys”.

It’s reminiscent of the white supremacist doctrine of the 14 words: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children”.

Cr Ehrhardt says police told her that given the locations of the posters they suspect the  culprits are using the train line to get around.

“This isn’t the Maylands that we know,” Cr Ehrhardt said, “and Maylands won’t tolerate this type of exclusionary behaviour.

• White pride posters have popped up across Perth.

“We have a strong and inclusive multicultural society.

“We are proud of our community; not a skin colour.”

The posters feature cloyingly sentimental 1940s-style propaganda, re-imagined with white pride phrases.

The Voice has also seen more explicit stickers, in a different style, around Fremantle, including one on Pakenham Street that suggests if a woman sees a man verbally abusing Muslims in public, the appropriate action is to reward the bigot with sex.


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